Virgin Straight Human Hair Wig

A 6-Step Guide to Installing a Virgin Straight Human Hair Wig

It is quite satisfying to see people infuse wigs with their natural hair. The reason why wig hair has become so popular is because it is easy to install and gives your hair a healthy overall look without much work. In fact, looking at all the videos on TikTok and Instagram, you’re probably thinking you can easily do that and you’re right. But still, there are certain steps that can make your job easier. Read below to find out how to get that flawless look with virgin straight human hair wig.

Step 1: Bleach

The first step should be to buy the right wig for yourself. Assuming you have already done that, let’s skip to the actual installation. Usually, the knots at the top of the wig from where you connect it to your hair are all black. If your natural hair is light-colored, this could cause a conflict. So, naturally, you must bleach that part so it blends into your hair seamlessly. However, there’s more to it.

A’lea Malcolm Young, a TikToker who reviews wigs and has become somewhat of an expert in the hair industry says that if you mix the bleaching powder with a developer, you’ll get better results. The process involves making a thick paste, and leaving it on for about 20 minutes, then rinsing it and using a shampoo to ease out the knots. This way, if your hair is blonde, the front lace wig would feel natural on your head.

Step 2: Shampoo

Experts recommend getting virgin human hair so you can style it however you want without damaging the wig. With human hair, you can easily shampoo the extensions and smoothen out any tangles.

Famous Youtuber Mikaela White recommends using baby shampoo because it removes all the excessive grease without harming the strands. Read the contents on the bottle carefully though and choose the one which has the least number of chemicals.

Also, some people don’t wash wigs because they are removable but if you wear yours for a long period, clean it often so that the hair remains healthy and dirt-free.

Step 3: Customize the Lace

With lace wigs, you have the option to customize the lace however you want. Once you have bleached the knots to suit your natural hair, the next step is to experiment with the lace of the wig. Some people prefer makeup for this step, but A’lea Malcolm Young says that “makeup tends to get really cakey” and she is right.

Other experts also recommend investing in a lace spray because you can find it in different colors for different shades of skin. Once you find your match, turn the wig inside out, spray the contents, and use a blow dryer on it to spread the color evenly.

Step 4: Plug the Wig

When you wear the front lace wig, it changes the overall shape of your face. Usually, it is a welcome change since your hair looks shiny and healthier but if your hairline is already perfect for your face, it might look too artificial. This is where plucking comes in.

Grab your tweezers and pluck the hair along the hairline to suit your natural tone. Most experts say that it is a tedious step, but you have to do it if you want the wig to blend with your natural hair.

Nicole Fulton, co-founder of wig brand Hair Closet says that “you only want to remove some strands of hair so that you break up any line of demarcation across the front.” Don’t spend too much time on one section because you might end up plucking excess hair. Just place the hair on a wig head and slowly pluck a strand or two by moving along the hairline.

Step 5: Install the Wig

Now that your wig is ready for your head and face, it is time to get to the actual process of installing it. First, wash your natural hair and secure it in place with t-pins. You can also twist or braid it, depending on the kind of style you are going for. Then, put on the wig cap. While many experts are okay with a regular elastic wig cap, Nicole Fulton suggests that a cap matching your skin tone is ideal, so the scalp looks natural. All your natural hair should be covered with the cap.

You can use the general 4-finger rule to see how far the wig cap can go. According to Fulton: “you want to place your pinky finger at the top of your eyebrow, and then count four fingers up. Where your pointer finger or your index finger stops, that’s where your wig cap is.”

Step 6: Clean the skin

After you have placed the wig cap, you need to ensure the space where the wig goes is clean. Use an alcohol pad to gently wipe the skin near your hairline. Remove dirt or any make up residue from the skin so that the adhesive can stick properly, and the wig does not stick out.

Follow these steps to carefully install the wig on your head. Cut the excess lace off once you’re done and you will be ready to rock just about any look!

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