Brazilian Virgin Hair Wig

Our Top 9 Brazilian Virgin Hair Wig Maintenance Tips

Wearing a wig is an age-old tradition in the fashion industry. A lot of people who want to improve their style go for weave hair to add shine and glossiness to their hair. But do you know how to turn it into a long-lasting glow? If you are struggling with deciding which extensions to get or want to know how to maintain your Brazilian virgin hair wigs, make sure you are well-equipped with all the tips that will improve your style and keep you from spending excessive money on hair treatment.

1.Go for Virgin Hair

If you plan to restyle your hair extensions every now and then with heating devices, the expert advice is to get virgin human hair wig. It can endure considerable heat before the strands get permanently damaged compared to synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs are better suited to people who like to retain the original style of weave hair.

2.Choose a Wig that Suits You

Say you want to change your look. This is probably why you are looking for different kinds of wigs in the first place. Be careful not to overdo it though. Choose extensions that suit your original hair. If you want to keep it casually fashionable, go for a wig that is close enough to your natural locks but shinier, glossier, and more volumizing.

3.Don’t Cut Wig Hair Yourself

Have you ever held a scissor in front of the mirror, waiting for the courage to chop off your own hair? You are naturally scared to do that because it is impossible to reverse that damage. The same is the case with wigs. Hair extensions cost a lot and while the idea of trimming wig hair sounds weird, you might want to add a fringe or change your style to bangs. But don’t trim the wig if you are not absolutely confident in your abilities. Take it to a hairstylist and let the expert do the job.

4.Add Fancy Accessories

The best thing about donning hair extensions is that you can try everything you couldn’t with your natural hair. Wigs add volume to your hairstyle, so feel free to go all out and use clips, bands, and scarves to add flair. You should always experiment with different accessories; you never know which ends up suiting you the most.

5.Use Recommended Products

The hair fashion industry has improved its game a lot in the past few decades. You will find a variety of options for your hair but always go for the ones that are compatible with your hair type. Be it shampoo or conditioner, you need to read all the contents to make sure the product does not have any ingredients that may damage your hair. It’s always a good idea to consult a hairstylist before applying any unconventional solutions

6.Wash Your Wig

Treat your wig like natural hair and wash and care for it regularly. This removes dirt and grease from it. Special shampoos are available that ensure zero damage and return the lost shine to your precious wig. You have to lather shampoo just like you do to your own hair, but wigs come with the added advantage of being removable. So, clean it thoroughly and apply generous amount of conditioner to smoothen out any tangles.

7. Choose a Less Shiny Synthetic Wig

It is natural to want a hair wig that is shiny. But did you know that the fibers in synthetic wigs look better when you tone its silkiness down a bit? Some wigs stick out as artificial and don’t blend well with your natural hair. But don’t worry – we have the solution to every problem you have. Use a powder that removes the shine a little, so your synthetic wig suits you better.

8.Try Different Hairstyles

The best time to experiment with hairstyles is when you get the wig. Style it differently and see which one receives the most compliments. In summers, you can play around with ponytails and braids, both options being practical in keeping you sweat free. In winters, you can wear your hair down or do a half-up hairdo.

9.Dye it

A lot of people get wigs that are already in the color they like. However, if you want to dye your hair a different shade and shake things up a bit, try by lightning the original hair color. Consult a professional stylist and dye a few strands to see if it suits you. Do not instantly choose a different color especially if it is bright because you might be looking at irreversible damage with it. Take things slow and be sure before you take this step.

The tips for every wig differ because each comes with a special condition of its own. But the general rule of the thumb is to choose a style that complements your natural hair. After you get hair extensions, focus on keeping them clean and healthy so they stay shiny and silky for a longer time.

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