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Different Types Of Brazilian Hair

Different types of Brazilian hair need extra care to give a longer user experience. Make sure you know all hair care tips to keep your extensions secure!

Our Brazilian hair products are made with 100% unprocessed virgin hair that has never been chemically processed. This means the hair has not been dyed, bleached, or has had a permanent change in color or texture. All cuticles are kept intact and run in the same direction. These make for a natural look and give you a great look. It’s very easy to style and, while not recommended, is good at dealing with heat and keeping a curl all day.

Virgin Brazilian hair goes well with most natural ethnic hair textures, such as African American. It can last up to a year or more with proper care.

The Brazilian method is a very gentle type of hair extension. The extensions’ hair is connected to each other with keratin. Still, they are attached to the head with superior thin threads.

With this method, specially prepared strands of real hair are tied into your own hair using a particular Brazilian thread in precise, expert handwork. As a result, these almost invisible connection points are just as durable as conventional hair extensions. They can be removed at any time without solvents.

The different types of Brazilian hair extensions are remarkably gentle and natural. They are not exposed to heat, excessive pressure, glue, keratin, or even chemical agents. With good care, the strands of real hair can be used repeatedly for several years.


There are various types of Brazilian hair extensions that allow you to adopt any style you want. Some of the kinds with natural look include:

  • Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight Bundles;
  • Kinky Curly Hair;
  • Loose Wave Hair;
  • Brazilian Body Wave Wigs;
  • Water Wave ;
  • Deep Wave;
  • Spanish Wave;
  • Afro Kinky;


We have a few useful tips & tricks here for the correct care of all types of Brazilian hair extensions so that you can benefit from them for a long time. If you want to keep your hair extensions in their original condition, follow this set of rules!

Washing Your Hair Extensions

It is best not to wash them every day for long-lasting use, but a maximum of two to three times a week. To protect the connection points, the hair should not be washed upside down. Keep them straight while applying water—this way, they don’t get knot, tangle, or come in contact with each other.

It is best to use a gentle shampoo to massage your hair carefully and without rubbing. It should be silicone and alcohol-free. Ensure that neither “alcohol” nor too many other ingredients that end in “-ol” is included in the shampoo.

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Drying Your Hair Extensions

The only thing you really need to be careful about is not rubbing or using excessive heat to dry your hair extension after washing it. Simply squeeze them out with a well-absorbent towel until they are just damp. Do not sleep with your hair wet either!

One of the many advantages of having a hair extension using the Brazilian method is that you can blow-dry and style it before! Whether with a hairdryer, straightening iron, or curling iron – there are no limits to your styling!

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Brushing Your Hair Extensions

Basically, you should brush your hair extensions as often as possible so that knots and tangles do not arise in the first place. Different types of Brazilian hair extensions are mostly made from sensitive material and should not be washed every day. Just a proper wash in a week can remove small dirt particles and keep your hair shiny for a long time.

You should only use special brushes for the excellent care of your hair extensions. The ideal brushes should only have straight, soft bristles and no knobs to not get stuck at the connection points. You can get such brushes from hairdresser shops and online stores.

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Protecting Your Hair Extensions While Sleeping

The friction on the pillow can cause small matting or nodules overnight, which you then have to laboriously untangle the next morning. You can prevent this by brushing your hair before going to bed and then weaving it into a coarse braid.

Important: Make sure your affordable virgin hair extension is dry before you go to sleep. Several types of Brazilian hair may not sustain night-long dampness.

What Can Damage The Extensions?

Even if your hair extensions are made of high quality, they can be damaged under certain circumstances. Since many extensions are no longer supplied with nutrients via the hair roots, they can dry out more quickly. For your hair extensions to last a long time, they should not come in contact with:

  • Salt or chlorinated water;
  • Sunshine;
  • Hot sauna air;

Worry not! That doesn’t mean you have to hide in summer. It’s best to do a bun or braid in these situations. This already protects the extensions from external influences. After a swim in the sea or a sauna, you should wash your hair thoroughly and apply a high-quality conditioner to keep them safe.

Styling Tips For Hair Extensions

A little ponytail becomes a neat braid, and an updo is also possible with your new hair extension without any problems! Use the new possibilities of your long, thick hair and try out what suits you best – there are no limits to the styling of your extensions:

  • Braided hairstyles;
  • Updos;
  • Headbands or towels in the hair;
  • Ponytail;

… and much more!

The Brazilian hair extensions give you the great advantage to style them as usual, using a curling iron, straightening iron, or blow dryer. However, make sure the blow dryer is set at a minimum level as excessive heat may damage your extension.

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