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Care & Maintenance

Before preparing your bundles for installation, experts prefer you pre-wash your hair accessories. Make sure you treat your hair accessories with top-quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

You should regularly shampoo and condition your extensions to increase their life. Treat and care your accessories with sulfate-free products as it helps add additional moisture to your extensions.

Heat protectants are also recommended when you apply heat styling to your extensions. Use a satin cap or a satin pillow cover to prevent hair thinning, tangling, or breaking.

Brazilian or dyed Brazilian hair collections are wavy or straight. These extensions provide higher luster and are well-known to correctly hold curls.

The dyed version also has similar properties but is pre-bleached and dyed with different hair colors and blends. The pre-bleaching process ensures colors and combinations are deposited ideally!

Chose the perfect color for your extension at your own discretion. But, it is best to take expert consultation first as well.

Indian hairs are curly and wavy. They are high in luster and soft as silk. These types of hair can properly hold curls. Such choices are easy-to-style, full of bounce, airy, and light. If you look for a natural hair look, Indian collections should be your go-to choice!

Our products are weft with top-quality hair strands! Their strength, density, texture, and versatility allow clients to style themselves as they wish. The need for bundles is determined by client head size and the hair length requirements.

It is not just picking anything and wearing it like a crown. It is about styling yourself with a trendy look!