10 Celebrities Who Wear Wigs All The Time

10 Celebrities Who Wear Wigs All The Time But Why?

Celebrities also use wigs to look different on television screens. Some of them wear them all the time. This blog helps you know why they use them!

We all know that many of our favorite stars wear wigs to look different at mega-events. They mostly use them to attract everyone’s attention; however, changing wigs has become so normal for them that it no longer comes as a surprise for their fans.

There are myriad examples of beautiful and sexy female celebrity stars redefining their looks frequently to deliver a new fashion statement. Dressing according to fashion or showing off a new trend is normal for them. However, what is chic is when they use their own creativity to deliver a unique fashion statement before fans. However, there comes a time when we don’t care what should surprise us, especially when it comes to wigs. Can you imagine Katy Perry without a flashy hairstyle in her presentations? Or Keira Knightley wearing a deep wave Brazilian hair wig at Oscars?

At this moment, we can’t tell you why celebrities wear wigs – to look different every day, maybe! Whatever their motivation be, we know that the star-studded lifestyle starts shining like a jewel when the latest hairstyle becomes a top trend among fans and followers. Here, we have prepared a list of these 10 celebrities who can’t imagine attending any event without their wigs. DISCLAIMER – most wear them all the time!

1. Kylie Jenner

Known for wearing different wigs, she recently confessed that she was tired of it and now prefers to display her natural hair! But fans still adore her iconic hair transformation and rocking looks!

2. Katy Perry

The singer is a big fan of wigs, especially the craziest and brightly colored ones. All her singles and albums show how much she loves rocking the classic blonde-bombshell look, the sandy blonde curls, and the colorful wigs he loves!

3. Kim Kardashian

Kim also wears wigs, her favorites being the platinum ones. Over the years, we have seen Kim flashing some of the most iconic hairstyles of the decade. She sure knows how to keep up with the trends, right!

4. Ariana Grande

She started coloring her hair at a very young age and has damaged it a lot, which is why she uses a half ponytail or extensions to cover some parts of her head. Whatever the reason may be, she is loved by her teenage followers for her lustrous ponytail styles.

5. Beyoncé

She loves changing her hairstyle, and in order not to ruin her hair, she resorts to wigs. She has a massive collection of hair wigs. Her prized possession is valued at millions of dollars. Her collection also includes a bundle of deep wave Brazilian hair wigs and human hair lace front wigs.

6. Rihanna

She is another celebrity who is not afraid of wigs. The singer uses them to change her hairstyle and the color of her hair. Multiple times we have seen Rihanna walk the red carpet with different hairstyles matching her entire persona.

7. Naomi Campbell

It is said that she has hair problems due to the constant damage to her scalp. Using wigs is, therefore, her salvation to cover up some open areas.

8. Amber Rose

Kanye West’s ex has been wearing her signature platinum and very short look for years. Still, every now and then, she decides to switch, and that’s where her attractive collection of wigs comes out.

9. Gwen Stefani

Although she has been very discreet with the use of wigs and extensions, many of her fans have noticed them. However, the singer prefers the natural look!

10. Keira Knightley

In an interview, she confessed that her hair started falling out five years ago, so she had to resort to wigs to hide the baldness. And she does it very creatively – every new extension or wig becomes the most-wanted hairstyle girls die for!


Like their female counterparts, many male stars also strive hard to meet the demand for a youthful appearance in movies. In some cases, they have to wear wigs to meet the needs of their role.

Hollywood superstars like Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Mickey Rourke, Robert Pattinson, and others wore different wigs’ styles while playing movies. Cage says that he doesn’t like to stay with the hair extensions and loves his natural hair. Still, there are times when the role requires him to give that extra pinch to the character rocking a unique hairstyle.


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